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The Science Path

Hansa meets Humboldt

In the science city of Lübeck it is all about interaction.

Both the Humboldt brothers reach out to the queen of the Hansa: Wilhelm von Humboldt (1767-1835) with his educational ideal of learning through research and research through learning; Alexander von Humboldt (1769-1859) with his spirit of discovery and love for natural sciences. On the Old Town Island, Hansa and Humboldt are united on the Science Path. From the castle gate, symbol of the Hanseatic tradition of Lübeck, to the Museum of Nature and Environment, scientific phenomena are demonstrated, for example through the wind organ, the centrifuge or the Möbius strip. At each exhibit you find an explanation of the phenomenon, possibilities of experimenting and a reference to the universities of Lübeck.

The Science Path awakens the spirit of discovery and amazes. From here the idea of the "City of Science" spreads out to all parts of the town. At each place there is also an interactive element that illustrates the phenomena and intrigues.

A city that is able to enthuse people for science will not have to worry about its future.


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