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Destrict Moisling

Big Seesaw

Location: Brüder-Grimm-Ring 6-8, Wiese behind Astrid-Lindgren-School

Topic: (mental) Fitness
Theory Reference: Health/Math

riesenwippe-webThe big seasaw symbolises one of the oldest tools and one of the first machines created by man. It clearly combines mental and physical activity: The different markings on the twelve and a half metre long rocker enable you to determine your sitting position on the board precisely and thus to bring it into balance.


Location of the partner exhibit in the old town:: pedestrian area – Breite Straße

Topic: (mental) Fitness
Theory Reference: Health/Math

abakusThe Abacus is one of the earliest-known calculation tools in the world. Every bead is first assigned a value (e.g. 1, 10, 100), which is either added or subtracted depending upon the position of the bead. Multiplications and divisions are also possible. The Abacus is still the tool of choice for calculation if there is no reliable electricity supply. Mathematics, as applied at Lübeck University in the Institute of Mathematics, uses complex mathematical models for describing biomathematics.

Fotos Thorsten Wulff © 2012 Wissenschaftsmanagement



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