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Destrict St. Jürgen


Location: Falkenstraße 1, Hüxwiese

Topic: Water
Theory Reference: Health/Hygiene

wasserstrudel-webEvery child knows this principle from day-to-day experience: laundry and salad are both spun dry. The whirlpool in St. Jürgen demonstrates the centrifugal force with which this is performed. Laboratory experiments and biomedical technology have proved that the centrifuge is indispensable. For example, the speeds achieved in the ultra centrifuge are used to extract protein molecules. In medicinal diagnostics, the centrifuge is used to separate blood into its various components.



Location of the partner exhibit in the old town: St. Petri Kirche – Schmiedestraße

Topic: Water
Theory Reference: Health/Hygiene

zentrifugeHere, two physical effects can be observed: The inertia of the mass and the centrifugal force, i.e. the centrifugal force in the rotating reference frame, which is directed outwards. If a mixture of substances is introduced into the centrifuge, the particles with maximum density are transported outwards during rotation because of their mass inertia, whereas the particles with lower density tend to move towards the centre. Correspondingly, a centrifuge is used for separating differing material or gas mixtures. At Lübeck University, this a.o. is used by the Department of Medicine during blood tests.

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