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District Travemünde


Location: Fährplatz

Topic: Wind
Theory Reference: Kinetic

ping-pong-rad-webThe ping pong wheel tricks the human eye. Two balls are arranged on a vertical axis inside a cylinder that has been cut in two– one ball at the top, the other at the bottom. The two halves are horizontally displaced and arranged on the axis of rotation. This ensures that they are subjected to the wind on all sides causing them to move. Because of the high speed of rotation, it looks like there is only one ping pong ball inside, bouncing up and down.


Chaos Pendulum

Location of the partner exhibit in the old town: Dankwartsbrücke – An der Obertrave

Topic: Wind
Theory Reference: Kinetic

chaospendelIf you look at a simple pendulum, you can predict its movements precisely. In this case, the general principles of kinetics, i.e. engineering mechanics are applicable. The pendulum comes to rest only in one particular position. However, this is not the case for a chaos pendulum. The chaos pendulum moves in unpredictable ways, because several interconnected pendulums are set in motion at the same time. You could learn more about this by studying engineering sciences, e.g. at Lübeck University for Applied Sciences.

Fotos Thorsten Wulff © 2012 Wissenschaftsmanagement



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