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District Kücknitz

Humming Stone

Location: Kücknitzer Kirchplatz

Topic: Nature
Theory Reference: Acustik

The humming stone is a large stone with a hole in it. If you put your head into the hole and breathe out while humming, you will feel a tingling sensation all over your body. You can feel these vibrations clearly, especially if you place your hands on your neck. The sound waves reverberate from the stone walls and thereby amplify the natural resonance effect.



Ear Piece

Location of the partner exhibit in the old town: Kleine Burgstraße/Corner Große Altefähre

Topic: Nature
Theory Reference: Acustik


The sounds that we hear are the result of a process, in which sound waves and tones are generated. They trigger signals in our ears, which are forwarded to our brain via nerve ­bres. The auricles are important for the localisation of sound waves; they mainly help in determining direction. The earpiece serves as an arti­cial extension of the auricle improving the hearing sensitivity by acting like an ampli­er for sounds from a speci­c direction. In the Biomedical department of Lübeck University, knowledge of sound perception is essential. The correct sound of instruments and room acoustics are also important topics in the study of music (Lübeck Conservatory).

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