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District St. Lorenz Süd

Pixel Wall

Location: Hansering 20b – Shopping Center Hansering

Topic: Imaging method
Theory Reference: Medicine

pixelwand-webOn the pixel wall, pixels are arranged in a tabular form; these can change colour. On the big pixel wall, viewers will observe the same phenomena and problems as present in a digital image, but on a much larger scale: it is difficult to portray a non-jagged arc on the pixel wall. The individual pixels depict a smooth line only when the observer steps away from the wall.


Needle Scanner

Location of the partner exhibit in the old town: Holstenterrassen – An der Obertrave

Topic: Imaging method
Theory Reference: Medicine

nadelscannerThe aim of imaging techniques is to produce a true-to-scale image of a real object. Different methods can be used for this: from X-ray diagnostics to magnetic resonance tomography (MRT). This image-based medical technology provides us with more precise information about the form and function of an organ and is used e.g. for measuring the size of tumours. The Fraunhofer-Institute MEVIS plays a pioneering role in the field of image-based personalised medicine on an international level.


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