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Destrict Innenstadt

Flute Rocker

Location: Kanalstr. 42-48, School of Music and Art

Topic: Wind
Theory Reference: Acoustics

pfeifenwippe-webThe flute rocker is a simple audio device, that gives players a physically tangible experience of cause and effect. The three rocker boards mounted at ground level can be moved independently of one another. When the boards are moved, air pressure is generated for playing the pipes. By shifting one’s weight or moving from one board to another, varying simple melodies are generated. Six different notes can be produced.


Wind Organ

Location of the partner exhibit in the old town: Mengstraße/Schüsselbuden

Topic: Wind
Theory Reference: Acoustics

windorgelFlutes are known to have existed for nearly 35,000 years. They are instruments with a single pitch, in which sound is generated by a stream of air. The pitch depends upon the length of the flute, which can be "reduced" artificially by holes. The wavelength of the resulting standing waves is dependent on the flute’s length, and correspondingly the pitch. The deepest note is produced with the greatest length, i.e. when all the holes are closed. A wind organ is dependent upon the natural flow of air (wind), which generates a random melody. In Lübeck the University of Applied Sciences is engaged with the theoretical fundamentals of acoustics.

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